March 2019- Tammy Reed shared the RPPS changes and did a Q&A with Lesli Reece (starts at 37 minutes and 42 seconds).
Listen: RPPS Changes

December 2018- Beau Johnson shared his heart from a foster dad perspective. 
Listen: Beau Johnson — Fostering Together 2018

October 2018- Lila Bradley spoke on foster care law and the judicial process. 
Listen: Lila Bradley — Fostering Together 2018
Read: Additional Q&A

December 2017- Andy and Sandra joined us again and shared 7 things they have learned from fostering.
Listen: Andy and Sandra — Fostering Together 2017

December 2014- Andy and Sandra shared their hearts at the Annual Christmas Brunch. What they said was timeless and worth listening to again and again.
Listen: Andy and Sandra — Fostering Together 2014