In October 2014, Dianne Kelly from the State Office of the Department of Family and Children’s Services shared with us some exciting news about a law change that affects foster families. She also shared some great information about the Foster Parent Bill of Rights.

Listen: Dianne Kelly — Law Changes — Fostering Together 2015
Listen: Dianne Kelly — Foster Parent Bill of Rights — Fostering Together 2015

In 2014, Andy and Sandra shared their hearts at the Annual Christmas Brunch. What they said was timeless and worth listening to again and again.

Listen: Andy and Sandra — Fostering Together 2014

In 2018, Lila Bradley spoke on foster care law and the judicial process. 

Listen: Lila Bradley — Fostering Together 2018
Read: Additional Q&A

In 2018, Beau Johnson shared his heart from a foster dad perspective. 

Listen: Beau Johnson — Fostering Together 2018


Helicopters, Drill Sergeants and Consultants: Parenting Styles and the Messages They Send
What kind of a parent are you– a hovering helicopter, demanding drill sergeant or a caring consultant? Each parenting style sends a powerful message to your child about what he or she is or is not, capable of. Parenting expert and humorous storyteller, Jim Fay, helps you identify your style, then shares practical stress-free techniques for becoming a consultant parent. Jim guarantees you’ll enjoy being a parent again!

Listen: Jim Fay — Introduction (:39)
Listen: Jim Fay — The Three Parenting Styles (8:59)
Listen: Jim Fay — No Owners Manual (6:33)
Listen: Jim Fay — The Rules (12:19)
Listen: Jim Fay — Burger Chef (11:06)
Listen: Jim Fay — Won’t Work On A 16 Year Old (5:52)
Listen: Jim Fay — Bedtime (7:23)
Listen: Jim Fay — Balance Consequences (9:26)
Listen: Jim Fay — Brian (7:38)
Listen: Jim Fay — Fighting and Chores (9:21)